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Stance, collaborative sculptural piece.

Installed at Tate Modern.

This workshop acted as a collaborative piece which grew through audience participation. As part of my master degree dissertation research, I wanted to explore the following question: “When does one start sexualising the female body?”, when exactly does the acceptable become unacceptable and what causes that jump in the line. I wondered how much of it lays on the positioning of the body itself and how what we might associate with a particular bodily position affects our views on the subject itself. 

An art school will usually look for and accept members which posses a certain kind of mindset. As an artist who is currently studying her Master Degree at Central Saint Martins and mostly deals with feminist topics in her work I find CSM members to mostly be well informed, open-minded and openly philosophical about our male-dominated society. While on the one hand this provides a great platform to extensively discuss and get very constructive feedback on my work, on the other hand I miss the reactions and feedback of members of society who’s mindset is unlike the members of my school, feedback I will most likely get once my work goes out of the school. This is why I thought it essential to my research to get opinions about the topic from a broader audience.

With this work I invited the audience to become one of my fellow classmates for a short period of time by letting them have a say in the research process. Something which most of the times happens only within the art school.

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