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In the 19th century, hysteria was a very common medical diagnosis, given exclusively to women, when one had an exaggerated or uncontrollable emotion or excitement. Luckily we have now progressed as a society and hysteria is no longer recognized as a medical disorder. That said, it seems our society has managed to suppress female hysteria in an overly successful way, leaving us with an even bigger gender gap and an ever so unequal male dominated society. That is why I decided to make this small guideline, which gives women small tips that, in my opinion, don’t require going too much out of one's comfort zone, yet can make a big difference if applied by all of us. This guideline aims to raise awareness about female oppression by pointing out the absurd little things women are not ‘supposed’ to do according to our society, and with it bring the hysterical woman back to life.

The hysterical woman 

Photograms on 8.9 X 14cm b&w photographic paper 

Exhibitions Of Work

Artscom (2016)

CSM Photography Department (2016)

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