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The wandering womb .

Redscale 35mm exposures + animations overlayed.

Also sold as high quality film still prints.

It was first believed (in 1900 BC Egypt) that female hysteria was caused by the demonisation of the uterus. This possession would make the uterus move spontaneously within the female body and in order to free the uterus from these spirits it had to be forced to return to its natural position.


Today this definition takes another meaning, and being hysterical is no longer a medical condition, but rather a “rebellious” state of mind. Today's hysterical woman is one who refuses to take her husband's name, refuses to let her father give her away at the altar, demands equal pay to her male coworkers, refuses to ever have children, is sexually open, supports abortion, asides from many others.


For today’s society the first definition does not compare with the second one, as it is completely and utterly nonsensical. But what many will hopefully realise in a near future, is how equally illogical our current views on women are.

This piece is constructed of a series of GIFs which show the actual path the ancient Egyptians thought the uterus took when wandering around the female body. When this piece is exhibited, there is a box placed underneath the projections of the GIFs, which displays a flower in a god-like manner. This unusual flower, which possesses beautiful colours while simultaneously having an unpleasant quality to it, acts as a representation of the womb.

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